May 16, 2018
Vermont Tartan

Vermont Dress Tartan

Green Mountain Lion January 2018   Document
Green Mountain Lion October 2017   Document
Green Mountain Lion April 2017     Document
Green Mountain Lion January 2017   Document

Green Mountain Lion October 2016   Document
St. Andrew’s Society of Vermont Scholarship Foundation
Vermont HighLand Bands&Dance Links:
    St. Andrews Society Of Vermont Pipe Band
    St. Johnsbury Academy Pipe Band (Graham Highlanders)
    Catmount Pipe Band   (Montpelier Vermont)
    St. Andrews Highland Dancers Of Vermont
         **  Heather Morris Scottish Dance School
   Scotland by the Yard (Scottish Imports)
Join St Andrews Society Of Vt. (Application)
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St Andrews Society of Vermont   Officers and Managers.     (PDF)
Contact: : Pauline Kirkpatrick
Special Green Mountain Lion Information
Need Forest of Flowers Information For Green Mountain Lion.
Also need help at Quechee and Loon Mt. Games.
Schedule Of  Coming Events For Vt St. Andrews Society
Kirkin" O" the Tartan  July 15, 2018
Quechee Scottish Festival Aug. 25, 2018
Loon Mountain Games: Sept. 21-23 NH
Fall Picnic: Contact Donald and Lynn Murray
Tartan Ball: Nov. 3, 2018